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When buying new Gaylord boxes , used Gaylord boxes, or Bulk boxes you need to look at the Gaylord box size, Gaylord box wall thickness, and if the Gaylord box has a full bottom, partial bottom or no bottom. Gaylord boxes can also come with lids but those typically cost extra.

Where to Find Gaylord Boxes in

You will see Gaylord boxes in most grocery stores and club stores like Costco. Gaylord boxes hold watermelons and other types of fruits and vegetables. Gaylord boxes are good for shipping produce from farms to distributors and then to grocery stores. If you are a grocery store with extra Gaylord boxes you can sell them on Repalletize and make some extra money.

What is a Gaylord Box

What is a Gaylord Box

A Gaylord box is a large cardboard container used for shipping items on a pallet . A Gaylord box is also known as a bulk box. A Gaylord box is not a bulk bag or an IBC tote. A Gaylord box is typically the size of a standard size pallet . A typical Gaylord box measures 48x40x48, however we will discuss all the sizes later in this article.

Size and Dimensions of Gaylord Boxes in

Gaylord pallets must be used with a wood pallet or plastic pallet . Pallets provide a platform to lift the Gaylord boxes. Because most wood pallets that are standard size are 48x40-inch a lot of Gaylord boxes are sized 48x40xHeight. Many different industries use Gaylord boxes for shipping different items. Because Gaylord boxes are so widely used they come in many sizes. For simplicity we will make a list of the most popular Gaylord box sizes.

Size 48” x 45” x 42”H

Size 44” x 44” x 44”H

Size 48” x 38” x 36”H

Size 48” x 40” x 36”H

Size 48” x 40” x 45”H

Size 48” x 40” x 24”H

Size 36” x 36” x 36”H

Octagon Gaylord Box

How Much Does a Gaylord Box Hold

Gaylord boxes can hold a lot of materials or products. The way to determine how much a Gaylord box can hold is to determine the size of the Gaylord box and the strength of the walls or how many walls or layers of cardboard. Since we discussed the size of Gaylord’s already we are going to focus on the walls of a Gaylord box or the thickness and layers of cardboard on the walls and bottom. A single wall Gaylord box is great for shipping light products or items that are not heavy. A 2-wall Gaylord box will have extra strength for shipping and holding heavier products. When the Gaylord boxes are made with 3- to 5-walls the Gaylord Boxes are very strong and can basically hold just about anything except water.

Gaylord Box Sizes