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Repalletize is the #1 pallet recycler in . We have multiple pallet recycling locations. Our pallet recycling centers in provide a supply of new pallets and recycled wood pallets. Our Pallet Recycling Centers also carry plastic pallets and some odd size pallets for those custom shipping needs. Our pallet recycling locations are strategically place though the city to make transporting pallets quickly and conveniently.

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When it comes to pallet recyclers, you might be curious to know what they do with those old broken pallets. Some of what is done to these pallets to recycle them is actually no surprise. Other options of recycling might be impressive of the creativity of the recyclers. Whether you own several thousands of pallets or just a few hundred, here is what happens to your pallets when you have then sent or picked up by pallet recyclers.

Repalletize is a National Supplier of Wooden Pallet

Repalletize supplies wooden pallets in all standard pallet sizes and dimensions, plastic pallets, corrugated pallets, air freight pallets, and custom built pallets nationwide. Our Pallet Recyclers locations can provide truckload quantities of new pallets and recycled pallets.

Pallet Removal Logistics

Pallet removal and pallet recycling can be a challenge if pallets are not the standard size a GMA 48 x 40 inch pallet. Logistics costs rise when pallets are oversized or are undersized. When pallet recyclers come and take away your pallets, they bring them to a recycling center. From there the wood can be dismantled and the good pieces can be sold for a cheap price to be used in building furniture, or reused to create a new pallet. These new pallets are put back on the market to bought, sold and used. But there is more that can be done to recycle pallets rather than just dismantling and fitting together the good pieces like a puzzle. Wood has many different uses aside from being a piece of wood used for building.

Diverting Wood from Landfills by Recycling Pallets

pallet recyclers can also use the wood as fuel. The pieces of the wood that are rotten, broken, or deemed useless can still be recycled or used again. Although burning wood does not seem like recycling the wood, but in fact it is better than throwing away the wood and not getting its full use out of the tree that had been cut down. Sometimes the wood is cut down into wood chips that can be used for mulch or boiler fuel. This means less trees get cut down because the wood has been reused and therefore recycled helping out the environment.

Maybe instead of having an pallet recyclers, you might let some local person take away a stack of pallets in the back of his truck. There are two different things that can happen to those old broken pallets, the first is called upcycling. This is a type of recycling that changes something old and useless into something new and usable. Many people use pallets to create deck furniture such as a deck swing, lawn chairs or even the deck itself. Others use the wood to create a toddler bed, a bike rack, shelves and even a coffee table. Options are endless with a bit of creativity.

Aside from upcycling those used pallets, a local might pick up the pallets and be their own pallet recyclers. It isn't very hard for anyone with a hammer to fix wooden pallets. All you need is to replace the broken parts. Once it is refurbished, that person will turn around and sell it to another company. This is a great way for someone who is out of a job to earn a little extra money and keep their sanity with some work to do. So if you have a few broken pallets out back and some random person off the street asks to take them away, you might as well let them instead of trashing the pallets.

In the end, pallet recyclers do their best to make sure that the trees are used to their fullest. It is sad that the trees have been cut down to build the pallets, but sending the unusable pallets to pallet recyclers you know that the tree is not going to be fully wasted. So remember to contact your local pallet recyclers to help out the environment by picking up your pile of rejected pallets. It also allows your company to be known as a green company, a good reputation to have as a company.