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Step 1 – List your pallets for sale. Count, sort, and stack pallets by size, type, and condition. UPLOAD PICTURES.

Step 2 – When your pallets sell, have the buyer pick them up or deliver the pallets.

Step 3 – Get Paid Fast! Our easy and safe ways to get paid include PayPal.

There are thousands of local businesses that would like to buy pallets. In fact, an estimated 2 billion pallets are being shipped everyday in the USA. It is very easy to turn your used pallets into cash. Selling pallets to other local businesses can put money in your pocket and help save a tree! Get your pallets moving with Repalletize.

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Buy pallets

Step 1 - Search the map to buy pallets or find free pallets. Green pallet pins are pallets for sale and orange pins are free pallets.

Step 2 - Click the pallet pin to view the pallets available at that location. Click the Claim Pallets button if you want to buy the pallets.

Step 3 - Next, select the number of pallets needed and choose a delivery or pickup option. Click the Buy Now button to purchase the pallets.

Our map makes it easy to find pallets and buy pallets. Many local businesses have pallets for sale and free pallets. Save time and money buying pallets from other local businesses near you. Don't forget buying recycled pallets helps save trees!

P.S. If you want a quote on buying pallets in bulk loads of 1,000 or more click on the Get Quotes button.

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