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Pallets are not the only way that you can ship merchandise. Many companies have invested in plastic crates. These crates provide several benefits for unusual sized goods. Pallets are only good for items that fit in a perfect square, but as any manufacture of goods knows that things come in all shapes and sizes. Pallets are great, but they don't work for every company. Instead discover a different way to ship your goods by using plastic crates.

As mentioned above, you can buy plastic crates in various custom sizes. They come in sizes as small as 35 X 30 to as large as 78 X 40 foot crates. It just depends on the sizes of the good you plan on shipping. Another great part about investing in plastic crates is that you can get them in different colors so that makes organizing your warehouse easy. And although you might buy several sizes of plastic crates they fit together tetris style. So instead of dealing with pallets that don't fit all sizes, you can purchase plastic crates that better fit your shipping needs.

Many types of pallets cannot be used more than once of even a couple of times before you have to buy new pallets. With so many weak pallets that break all the time, it increases the amount of waste that a company creates. And since waste looks bad for your company and doesn't help the environment, there is an answer to your problem. Invest in plastic crates. These are made of recyclable materials and can be reused more than just a few hundred trips. And if the plastic crate does break, take them to the nearest recycling center to make sure you don't add any more corporate waste to your list.

Pallets in general tend to collect many hitchhikers on their way to whatever destination they are shipped. Since these hitchhikers are more often a menace to the new environment where they arrive, there are rules set in place for the conditions of how pallets are shipped. plastic crates are easier to clean and keep clean than regular pallets. They don't collect insects such as termites or contain fungus that would be introduced into a foreign environment. In the end, it is cheaper to use plastic crates because they don't need as much chemical and heat treatments that regular pallets need before shipping.

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Another critical part about investing in plastic crate is that they are weather resistant or more durable than regular wood pallets. When dealing with businesses, the weather does not factor into contracts, time tables and agreements between two companies. So more often than not, the pallets will be traveling through various extreme weather conditions. This wears on the pallets and soon they rot, break or shatter over time. Plastic crates are more durable and harsh weather conditions does not increase their chance of breaking down sooner. So it is a long term investment when you choose plastic crates over the regular wooden pallets.

Now one of the best features about plastic crates is that they are collapsible bulk crates. Instead of paying for a huge load of pallets to be returned to your company, the plastic crates no matter their size fold into a small space. That means that you don't have to pay for extra shipping space to send back empty crates because they fold flat saving space. Although pallets have been the standard shipping tool for many years, it might be time to switch over to plastic crates depending on the type of merchandise you are shipping.