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Wood Pallet Recycling

Wood Pallet Recycling in

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Wood Pallets Recycling in

Using wood pallets in is environmentally friendly. Many constructions sites, whether building homes, remodeling or taking down structures, generate wood pallets and the leftovers are sent for wood pallet recycling. Even though the wood maybe broken in small pieces, pallets are still accepted for recycling. Wood pallets are hardly made from new wood, but if they are the rotting the bad pieces will get recycled. If you are recycling pallets you should follow a pallet recycling guide. If you think that wood pallets are wasteful and harmful to the environment than you would be wrong. Especially since not all wood pallets are created the same way. There are several types of wood pallets that are manufactured of more than a few boards nailed together.

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Popular Pallet Types

Types of Wood Reclaimed from Wood Pallet Recycling

One of the types of wood pallet is that of softwood. Many companies use pallets because they are disposable. Investing in more solid and sturdy pallets means that you need to figure out a way to get those pallets returned to you after a shipment has been made. It can be costly to pay for the return of your pallets, so soft wood pallets are a better investment. Although the softwood pallets are tossed at the end of transportation, they are recyclable too. The old wood can be ground up to make plywood or stronger engineered wood pallets.

The other type of wood pallet is called hardwood pallets. Obviously from the name they are stronger than the softwood pallets. These are the regular type of pallets you might find at your local wholesale warehouse. Wood pallets are great for stacking and are good for transportation. In order to ensure that the owner of the wood pallets receives their pallets back, there is a deposit given. Either the pallets are sent back, or sold to the receiver if the wood pallets do not return. This ensures that the wood pallets are reused and not just tossed away in the trash.

Recycling Wood From Pallets

Unlike plastic or even steel pallets, wood pallets are more cost effective in repairing. Companies would rather repair wood pallets than metal or plastic. If part of the wood pallet is rotting away or broken because of a rotting shipping handler, then its a quick cheap fix. The wood is replaced by new unbroken wood and just nailed on to create a working pallet. Also standard pallet dimensions make it easy to repair a pallet. Broken pieces are sent to the recycling center where it can be used to make plywood and other recycled wood materials. Such a cheap incentive to be environmentally friendly is enticing to many companies.

DIY Wood Pallet Recycling

Another way wood pallets can be recycled is through upcycling. Today upcycling is a popular practice, it is when you take a material that is used for a specific purpose and transform it for a new purpose. For example, people have upcycled wood pallets by painting them and making them into a coffee table, a toddler bed frame, shelves, and even planter boxes. Other ideas have been to make a deck out of pallets or even a home theater using old wooden pallets. Even the wood pieces can be reassembled to create a new piece of furniture. Wood pallets are great tools for upcycling.

When it comes to wood pallets, you can find some relief in your quest to save the environment. These pallets do not go to waste. Despite their many uses for transportation and businesses, they are repaired and reused without even needing to visit a recycling center. Although larger companies may send mass amounts of wood pallets to their local recycling center, either way the wood is reused making it environmentally friendly. So before you throw away any type of pallet whether it be wood pallet or plastic pallets, thinking about the recycling opportunities first.