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IFCO pallets

IFCO is a pallet company owned by CHEP. They recently merged and the name has changed to CHEP Recycled Pallets. IFCO operates many pallet recycling centers. IFCO is the largest pallet recycling company in the USA.

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Popular Pallet Types

IFCO wood pallets

IFCO typically builds a wood pallet called a stringer. This pallets has running boards on the sides and one in the middle and deck boards across the top. IFCO builds a many different sizes of pallets. Pallet sizes can range from 42? x 42?, 48? x 36?, 48? x 42?, 44? x44?, 48? x 48? and the standard 48? x 40?. Whatever size pallet your company needs IFCO is bound to have it.

IFCO pallet recycling

Pallet recycling is important because natural resources are scarce. There are more than 2 billion pallets in circulation every day in the USA. By recycling pallets in you can help reduce wood going into the landfill and help preserve trees.