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There are many types of boxes that businesses in need. The most popular types of boxes we sell are shipping boxes, moving boxes and gaylord boxes. Shipping boxes are typically used to ship goods in the supply chain. Moving boxes are used by businesses and household that are moving to new locations. Gaylord boxes are used by companies to store large amounts of materials in one box on a pallet. There are several places to buy pallets and gaylord boxes.

Unit Load Optimization

Shipping boxes come in many sizes. Make sure that your boxes will fit perfectly on a pallet. To maximize the number of shipping boxes on a pallet you can perform a calculation called Unit Load Optimization. Unit Load Optimization is a calculation where you determine the most effective way to load a pallet with boxes. Small improvement in the amount of products you can fit on a pallet can have a big difference the cost per unit of shipping. To keep costs down in the supply chain you need to think about what are the best size boxes and the best size pallets. Then you need to determine the transportation cost, handling costs, and labor costs. By performing a Unit Load Optimization test with your boxes you can reduce cost in the supply chain.

Boxes are versatile objects. They can be used for a simple task such as storing holiday decorations in a attic loft to something as important as transporting goods around the world. Boxes seem to be everywhere and used for everything. From moving your own home and things across the country to as simple as a toy that a toddler enjoys climbing into. Although the largest use of boxes is that in the commercial industry in which goods are transported to where there is a demand. Places such as or to some small city such as Joplin, Missouri. Here are just a few of the boxes that are used for shipping goods.

Shipping Boxes for Your Business

Some boxes used by businesses and companies that deal in shipping goods are the folding box. They can also be referred to as folding cartons and gift boxes. These boxes are flat until you open them up to fill them. This is ideal for smaller companies or businesses that have little to no extra space in their smaller warehouses. Plus these boxes do not require glue or tape to make them. They automatically fold into a box that is ready to fill and ship off. Yet, these boxes are only intended to be used once, not for multiple shipping trips.

A more ready to go box that you can buy in is called a set up box. These boxes are purchased as all set up and ready to go. Of course unlike the folding boxes, these boxes are more costly because of their convenience. Depending on the company needs, it maybe more cost effective to invest in these ready to go boxes instead of paying employees the time it takes to set up a folding box. The set up box is made out of paperboard and already permanently glued together. No assembly required, just pack and seal off the top, then ship it out.

Other types of boxes available to buy in , are called shipping crates. These are for large heavy duty loads as these boxes are made out of wood. They can be very large such as to ship pieces of fragile furniture to something as small as a bottle of wine. Other uses of these box crates has been transformed into promotional boxes or a decorative piece instead of just solely for shipping. Some crates are built differently to hold certain goods, for example the crates carrying wine may have individual holes for each wine bottle. This feature makes the crates more versatile.

Gaylord Boxes in

One of the most commonly used boxes for commercial uses is that of a bulk box or gaylord box. These boxes are specifically created to be used with pallets. Therefore they stack and fit on a single pallet. Many businesses dealing with shipping prefer these bulk boxes to other types of boxes because as the name states, the bulk boxes holds larger quantities of goods or protect larger goods. Usually these bulk boxes are used by large companies and seen in huge warehouses near train stations or even at wharfs. These bulk boxes can also be purchased in .

Boxes come in many shapes and sizes. Just look at your pizza box the next time you order out, or at the types of boxes that your packages arrive in from the mail. Boxes are suited to fit small and large goods as well as heavy and light goods. The shipping industry is thriving on boxes or cartons as it is sometimes referred. Without the simple box, it would make life much harder to move, collect your items and even store your things.