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Wood Pallets

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Wood pallets in come in standard pallet sizes and standard pallet dimensions. 48x40 is the most common pallet size. Typical proves for wood pallets can be $7.00 to $10.00 up to more than $30 each.

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How Using Wood Pallets in Helps to Reduce Waste and Prevent Deforestation:

Wood pallet recycling is a process of where you take wood that is clean but considered to be waste wood and it gets turned into wood chips in which are used to make new products that are usable. Any wood pallets used in this process can?t contain any chemicals or contaminants such as asbestos, lead paint, glue and more. More often than not the wood that is used in this process are pallets, tree branches, and clean scrap wood from construction sites, stumps and more. This process of wood pallet recycling is done for several reasons; mainly to help with preventing deforestation because it means that less and less trees fall down and are used to create other objects. Recycling waste wood pallets like this also helps to reduce the number of landfill sites that are new in which have to be created because so much wood goes to waste from being thrown away.

Softwood helps to produce what is known as wood pulp; wood chips and scrap material found in construction sites are not big enough to be used to make new boards and or boxes so instead all of these materials are recycled. There are a lot of new ways in which the industry is trying to create products in which use the waste wood instead of just paper.

More Information on Wood Pallets in and its Positive Aspects:

Recycling wood pallets helps out in a lot of different ways; for starters it helps by saving trees from being cut down which then helps save the environment more and more. Animals and birds are also not as affected because the forests are actually being preserved. The benefits from wood pallet recycling are many and you can find a lot of other waste wood at places such as barns, saw mills, furniture makers and more. All you have to do is collect all of the scraps of wood and the fine chips of wood and recycle them to make other and new products that are usable.

In today's? times paper that is used is recycled to help save natural resources as well as money to make them useful again once more. Based on the process and the manufacturing used the paper that is made can be delicate and soft which is ideal for writing paper or it can be sturdy and hard which is used for boxes and pressed boards. Normally the process used for this involves the chemical stripping and or washing of the pulp from the wood in the first place. Different processes result in different products; for example paper that turns yellow from too much sunlight is not ideal to be used for the purpose of writing which is where the process of bleaching it to make it more suitable for proper use comes into play. Just remember that help to make a difference, now is the time to take the steps needed to prevent the degradation of the environment.

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Many residents and businesses have many wood pallet projects on their To Do List. We most often hear from Architects that want to use recycled and reclaimed wood in LEED Buildings.

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The most common type of wood pallet furniture that we see is wood pallet chairs, wood pallet tables, wood pallet bed frames.

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