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There are an estimated 2 billion pallets in circulation in the United States and a lot of those are in . Pallets are usually never recycled. For this reason we created an online marketplace for buying and selling pallets in . We provide multiple options to buy pallets, recycle pallets, and even upcycle pallets.

Pallet Sizes

On you can find nearly every pallet size you can think of. The most common size of a pallet is 48x40. Some other sizes are 42x42, 48x36, 48x32, 44x44, and 48x48. We can also custom build a pallet with any pallet dimensions you need.

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Popular Pallet Types

Pallet Prices

Pallet prices can vary based on pallet dimensions and pallet size. Typically pallet prices are based on supply and demand as with most commodity material. We guarantee the best pallet prices and can provide you with a complete pallet management solution.

Pallet Pooling

We can even provide pallet pooling. Pallet pooling is where you rent pallets. After the pallets are used to ship products they are returned to a recycling center. This can help you save money if you have a large pallet supply. Most large retailers use pallet pools. Examples are Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, Sams, Whole Foods and others.

Pallet Recycling

We also provide recycled pallet solutions for businesses. We sell recycled pallets and also recycled used pallets. When your business needs to buy pallets we will supply pallets quickly and hassle free. When your business needs to clean off its dock and recycle those extra used pallets we will be there to pick up those 48x40 pallets and odd sized pallets. Odd sized pallets are mainly torn down to make other pallets. This is a fair amount of labor and costly but we do it to keep wood pallets out of the landfill.

Plastic Pallets and Corrugated Pallets

Pallets can also be made of different material besides wood. The most common type of pallet is a wood pallet. The next most popular type of pallet is plastic. Plastic pallets can be very useful if you keep a lot of storage in pallet racks. Plastic pallets are also popular in some pallet pooling programs. Corrugated pallets are a little more expensive than used pallets but are very light and can help reduce a companies carbon footprint. Some companies such as IKEA have switched over to corrugated pallets and have seen a large reduction in transportation and fuel costs. Corrugated pallets are also 100 percent recyclable.

Heat Treated Pallets

Some additional services companies may need are heat treated pallets. Pallets that are shipped overseas need to be heat treated to kill the bugs that may be in the wood. Some bugs can spread from wood and get into trees and cause major environmental problems.

Wood Pallets

There are several types of wood that pallets are made of. The most common types of wood are soft wood and hard wood. Soft wood can be cheaper to make a pallet of. Hardwood pallets can be more sturdy and carry a heavier load.

Pallet Software

When building a pallet we give you pallet specifications based on software we use. The pallet software we use can provide detailed specifications so you know how much weight can go on the pallet. We can provide pallet plans for any size pallet.