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Tips to Buy Wooden Pallets in

The first step to buying a wooden pallet is to know what goods or merchandise you will be shipping on it. The second step is to know the unit load optimization for your goods. If you have preformed unit load optimization for your materials and goods then you should know what size pallet you need. Standard size pallets are 48 inches by 40 inches. The 48x40 pallet is the industry standard in the U.S. and is also referred to as a GMA pallet. To buy pallets we have made it very simple.

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Popular Pallet Types

Pallets For Sale in

Repalletize provides pallets for sale in . Repalletize offers standard dimension pallets and custom sized pallets. We provide new pallets as well as pallets in different grades. There are many different grades of pallets. Pallets can be referred to as Recycled Grade A or Recycled Grade B. Some pallets can also be considered "parts" pallets because the yard to damaged to be repaired.

Types of Pallets for Sale in

There are a few main types of pallets. The most popular choice of pallets for regular shipping needs are stringer pallets. A stringer pallet has boards running down the side of the pallet with deck boards on top. Another popular pallet is a block pallet. You can stack block pallets higher than normal pallets. A block pallet has 9 blocks on the corners and middle of the pallets with deck boards holding it together. The most popular block pallet is a CHEP pallet, however there are a few other companies that offer block pallets such as Peco Pallets and 9 Bloc. You can usually distinguish block pallets companies pallets by the color. CHEP, Peco, and 9 Bloc are typically colored blue, red, and black, respectively.

Buy Pallets versus Pooling Pallets

Should you buy pallets for your business in ? Of course! It is a good investment to buy pallets in , so that you no longer have to rent them or lease them from a pallet pooling service. We help your company purchase the right pallets for your logistics and shipping needs. There are many great options when you are looking to buy pallets. One of the most important features about pallets is the material that they are made of which is wood, steel and plastic. Here are a few things to consider about each of those materials being used for pallets.

Buy Wood Pallets in with Repalletize

Is your company thinking about buying wood pallets? To buy pallets that are made of wood, you need to consider the types of wood used in the pallet. Wood can be soft, medium or hard. Although the price varies for the type of wood pallet, but aside from the cost consider the weight of the merchandise. If you are moving light paper goods such as Styrofoam cups, then you don't need to buy pallets made out of the heartiest wood. Yet if you are transporting boxes of computer paper, you don't want a ply wood pallet. If your in the market for pallets, wood is not the only material for a pallet.

Buy Plastic Pallets with Repalletize

Buy pallets that are plastic. They are more durable than the wood pallets and have special features that other types of pallets do not have. Plastic is a great medium for pallets. Since plastic can be flexible, firm, and light it makes for a better investment. And the advancement in plastic pallet making, such as stacking plastic pallets, can save on costs for your company. If you buy pallets in that stack, then when they are shipped back, it takes up less space. Another fun thing about plastic pallets is that they can come in any color you want, just to match your logo colors or for organizing your merchandise.

Buy Metal Pallets with Repalletize

Steel is the other type of pallet that you can purchase. When you buy pallets that are steel you are making sure that your merchandise is shipped safely. No matter what type of transportation you use to move your goods, you can be sure that your steel pallets will make the trip. Despite the weather conditions, the poor handling of the pallets by other companies, or just bearing the weight of the merchandise, your steel pallets will last longer than plastic or wooden pallets. So buy pallets in that are steel to make a long term investment.

Before you buy pallets made from any kind of material realize that you can purchase paper pallets. How can paper pallets benefit your company? It seems silly to invest in pallets which do not last as long as wood, steel, or even plastic. When you buy pallets in made of paper, they are disposable. You don't have to worry about collecting a deposit fee to get them returned. They can just be thrown away as soon as they arrive at their destination. Less stress and most of all no loss of profits with missing pallets. So look into buying paper pallets too.

Buy pallets for your business, you won't regret it. There are so many choices when it comes to investing in pallets for shipping your goods. Don't forget that each of these types of pallet can be recycled and therefore beneficial to environment. As long as they are recycled, there should be no guilt to buy pallets in for your company needs. Of course you can continue to pay a deposit and borrow other companies pallets, but if you are finally fed up with that method then it is time to buy pallets of your own.