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plastic pallets are not new to the pallet scene, but they do offer some benefits that wooden, steel and paper pallets cannot provide. The plastic pallets are made of high-density polyethylene allowing the pallets to be more durable and stronger than wooden and paper pallets. And like most pallets, plastic pallets are recyclable as well. Many types of businesses use plastic pallets such as grocers, car parts stores, bakeries, and more. So why should you consider plastic pallets over wood, steel or paper pallets?

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One of the several benefits of having plastic pallets is they are cheaper and easier to keep up with shipping regulations. Because pallets are shipped around the world and across the country, there is a chance that the pallets potentially transfer harmful plant disease, insects, and other foreign life. Since each place has a specific environment, moving pallets from one temperament to another could possibly destroy the receiving environment. The rules for transporting plastic pallets is they need to be cleaned. Unlike wood and paper pallets, plastic pallets only need to be sanitized or steamed cleaned, instead of requiring chemical and heat treatments. Used plastic pallets are environmentally friendly and the cost over their lifetime is cheaper than wood pallets.

Plastic is malleable. Purchasing plastic pallets can also include a branding of your companies name. This way you can be sure these plastic pallets belong to your company and you won't lose your pallets when they are rented. A fun benefit of plastic pallets is they come in many colors. If you are into organizing, color coating your merchandise through the pallets will help. And there are many other ways you can use different colored pallets, color could signify the date of when the goods were manufactures, what part of the warehouse is belongs or just informs employees of the variations in your merchandise.

Stacking wooden, paper and even steel pallets can be space consuming. When space is wasted, it really transfers into loss of revenues. plastic pallets can be stacked taking up a smaller amount of space in a warehouse. This type of plastic pallet is called nesting stacking. The plastic is molded to better fit into another pallet. Although it only saves made inches, it still can make a large difference when it comes to shipping your pallets back to the warehouse as every inch costs. And the nesting plastic pallets are just as strong as the regular plastic pallets you can buy.

One of the fears about investing in plastic pallets is their durability. It is not only about how much weight it can hold or its breaking point, but how many times you can reuse the plastic pallets. It is not worth investing in plastic pallets if they only last for a few shipping trips before they need to be recycled. There are different kinds of durable plastic pallets, lightweights and heavyweights. The lighter plastic pallets do multiple trips, but are lighter and do not last as long as the heavy duty plastic pallets. Both matter because shipping also cost more not only in space but in weight as well. Plastic pallets also come in standard pallet dimensions.

Other useful benefits of using plastic pallets is that they can withstand mother nature better than wood. Plastic can be put in a freezer, left out in the sun, and is water resistant. It withstands hail, high drops and normal wear and tare. Plus you don't have to worry about unseen wood that rots and breaks unexpectedly. plastic pallets are not your regular pallets. You can do your own research to discover other benefits and cost effective advancement in using plastic pallets. Make a smart investment move and buy the type of pallet that best fits your shipping needs.