Recycling Wood Pallets to Prevent Deforestation

Recycling Wood Pallets to Prevent Deforestation

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How wood recycling helps to reduce waste and prevent deforestation:

Wood pallet recycling is a process where you take broken pallets or waste wood and turn it into wood chips that are used to make new, useful products. Any pallet wood used in this process can't contain any chemicals or contaminants such as asbestos, lead paint, glue and more. More often than not, the wood chips are made from pallets, tree branches, and clean scrap wood from construction sites, stumps and more. Wood pallet recycling is done for several reasons; mainly to help with preventing deforestation, because it means that fewer trees are cut down and are used to create other objects. Recycling waste pallet wood also helps to reduce the number of landfill sites to be created because so much wood pallets go to waste from being thrown away.

Softwood pallets are better to produce wood pulp; wood chips and scrap material found in construction sites are not big enough to be used to make new pallets and wood crates and boxes, so instead all of these materials are recycled. There are a lot of new ways that the industry is trying to create products using the waste pallet wood instead of just pallets.

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More information on wood pallet recycling and its positive aspects:

Recycling pallet wood helps out in a lot of different ways; for starters, it helps by saving trees from being cut down, which then helps save the environment. Animals and birds are not as affected, because all of the forests are actually being preserved. The benefits from wood pallet recycling are many, and you can find a lot of the waste wood pallets at places such as barns, saw mills, pallet furniture makers and more. All you have to do is collect all of the wood pallets and wood boards and recycle them to make new usable products. The most common size of pallet is a standard GMA 48x40 wood pallet. However if the pallet is painted blue it is most likely a CHEP PALLET

Today, businesses that recycle wood pallets help to save natural resources and money. Based on the pallet recycling process and the pallet manufacturing used, the pallet that is made can be nearly as good as a new pallet. Normally, the pallet recycling process used involves washing of the pallet, repairing broken boards, heat treating the pallet, and stamping it. Different pallet recycling processes result in different quality of pallet products. For example. pallets that turns grey from too much sunlight is not ideal to be used for the purpose of recycling. The pallet could be dangerous and break with to heavy of a load. Just remember to help to make a difference recycle your pallets. Now is the time to take the steps needed to prevent the deforestation. Pallet Wood for DIY Pallet Furniture