Pallet Bars Made From Reclaimed Wood Pallets

Pallet Bars Made From Reclaimed Wood Pallets

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Pallet Bars Made From Reclaimed Wood Pallets

Bar Made Out Of Pallets

Pallet Bars are a hot home and business decor item. Pallet bars are commonly referred to as Tiki Bars, Patio Bars, or simply a pallet bar. Pallet bars are beautiful and stylish and are made from reclaimed pallets, which is good for the environment. Pallet bar woodworkers can also customize pallet bars for you. Pallet bars can be both rustic and modern and still look great.

Features of a Pallet Bar

Serving Top

Pallet bars are typically custom built for people or businesses. As such pallet bars can have many cool features. One of the most common features is the serving top. The serving top of a pallet bar can be a single piece of reclaimed wood. If it is a single piece of wood it would most likely be wood reclaimed from a barn as pallet wood boards are not wide enough. If you want the complete look of reclaimed pallets then the serving top can be made of pallet boards placed together. A wood-serving top on a pallet board needs a stain or coating to make it smooth and give it a nice look. Especially if you will be serving drinks on your pallet bar.

Preparation Shelf

A preparation shelf is really important on any pallet bar. This is where you make drinks, prepare food, or use for administrative items like writing on sticky notes. A preparation shelf is typically behind the pallet bar's serving top and a little lower.

Storage Shelf

Storage shelves can be custom built to what you will be using your pallet bar for. Storage shelves are typically all along the bottom of the pallet bar. If you are using your pallet bar as a reception station then there is usually a space without shelves for people to sit and put there legs under the pallet bar.

Wine Glass and Bottle Storage

Most pallet bars, tiki bars, patio bars need some type of glass storage and bottle storage. Custom-built pallet bars can have many different types of glass storage. Some are on top so you can see the glasses and some are beneath the serving counter where you can see them. The same is true for storage of bottles. When building your pallet bar make sure to design some space for glasses and bottle storage.

Pallet Bar Electrical Outlet

If your pallet bar is going to be a permanent installation you may want to add an electrical outlet. Electrical outlets will increase the cost of you pallet bar but you can add custom features like lights, electronics, fans, and other items. Make sure when you add a electrical outlet that you use a certified electrician to make sure all the wires are safe and secure.

Pallet Bar Lighting

Lighting up your pallet bar can give it a look like no other. Some companies use neon lights to make there logos emphasized against the reclaimed wood from the pallets. Other companies have used lighting overhead of the pallet bar. This give a nice effect in a restaurant or nightclub. If your pallet bar is in your home you may just want some lighting off to the side or on the serving top. Either choice you make on lighting up your pallet bar will give it a nice warm feeling.

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Popular Pallet Types

Tips for Choosing Wood Pallets for Your Pallet Bar

Choosing a wood pallet

Wood pallets can vary in size and color. The most common size of pallet to make a pallet bar is a standard GMA 48x40 wood pallet. However if the pallet is painted blue it is most likely a CHEP PALLET and must be returned to CHEP. Using CHEP pallets in your pallet projects is likely considered theft since the CHEP pallet has a stamp that says Property of CHEP: Call to Return. Regular wood pallets are fine to use to make pallet bars.

Standard Size pallets

Choosing a type of wood

Most pallet bars look really great when highly rustic wood is used. Since pallet bars are handmade rough cut pallet-grade reclaimed wood looks great. Since each piece of wood has its own characteristics your pallet bar will be unique and have its own charm. There are typically two types of pallet wood to choose from; hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods are typically wood like oak and softwood is typically wood like pine. Other wood types are Sande, Birch, Oak, Maple, or Walnut.

Standard Size pallets

Characteristics of Wood pallets

When looking for pallet wood keep in mind that each pallet board will have a different characteristic. This is what makes your pallet bar so stylish. You want to look for tool marks like drilling holes, scratches, and seeing blades marks in the wood. Some more features are knots in the wood, how the grain looks either matching the other boards or irregular. One last feature that we can think of is spits in the wood as long as it does not effect the integrity of the structure.

Choosing a finish

When choosing a wood you also needs to consider the final finish you want. If you want the finish dark or light or natural you might consider different types of wood. Some finishes will give a smooth feel to the wood while some will let it be more rustic to the feel. Either way you can not go wrong with a good finish such as stain or polyurethane.

Sizes and Shapes of Wood Pallet Bars

Pallet Bar Shape

Most pallet bars are typically in 2 shapes. The first shape is and L shaped pallet bar. It basically has a long side and then a short side. These can come in various sizes. The other typical shape to a pallet bar is U shaped. A U shaped pallet bar has a long front side with two smaller sides.

Pallet Bar Sizes

Most pallet bars are different sizes, however there are some more common sizes. For L shaped pallet bars common sizes include 6 feet by 4 feet or 9 feet by 5 feet. Pallet bars that are U shaped can be the same size but with an extra side. The height can vary based on use but 42 inches tall is typical.

Tools Needed To Make Pallet Bars

The right tools can make your life easier when woodworking with pallets. To get started with pallet recycling you will need some tools and supplies. To make your DIY pallet project easy start by purchasing a saw, hammer, drill or screwdriver, sandpaper, nails, and some paint.

Pallet Dismantling Bar

First a pallet bar will save you a lot of headache and time in taking apart pallets. There are many different styles but you really get what you pay for here. Taking apart a pallet is the hardest part. What is great about the pallet bars below is if you are an Amazon Prime member shipping is free.

Pallet Bar Plans

Building DIY pallet bars are not easy. The level of difficulty for a pallet bar plan would be an experienced woodworker. The level of difficulty for pallet bar plans is due to the number of tools you will need to operate, the number of pallets you will need to dismantle with your pallet dismantling bar, and the amount of time it will take to complete. Pallet bar plans are not a weekend type woodworking activity. You will need to devote some serious resources to it.

10 Steps in Pallet Bar Plans

Gather Your Woodworking Tools and Supplies

You will need saws, screwdrivers, drills, pallet dismantling bars, nails and screws, and safety equipment.

Measure and Cutting Your Pallets

You will nearly always need to cut your pallets. Make sure you are up to date on your safety knowledge. Make sure you know how to use a saw.

Removing Pallet Boards

This is where that pallet-dismantling bar really helps.

Removing Pallet Nails

Pallet Nail Removal

This is a step that you can do with a simple hammer.

Hammer for DIY Pallet Plans

Organizing your Pallet Boards

This is the step where you need to organize your pallet boards by length. This will help you when you start assembly.

Assembly of Pallet Plans

This is the most complicated step in Pallet plans. If you can follow a pallet plan and get everything assembled you are on your way to a master woodworker.

Sanding of Pallet Wood

Sanding the pallet bar or other DIY pallet project when it is assembled will help you make a great final look.

Applying Stain or Paint to Pallet Boards

Here is the step where you can really customize your DIY pallet project by adding your personal touches. Using stain or chalk paint can make a really bring out your creativity. Hear are some great chalk paints.

Decorating your DIY Pallet Project

Once your pallet project is complete you can decorate it with different kinds of decor.

Sharing your DIY Pallet Project

Once you are set up take pictures and share it on social media.