How To Sort Pallets

How To Sort Pallets

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How To Sort Pallets

Sorting your pallets will help them sell quicker and for a higher price. Sorting pallets in conjunction with stacking pallets correctly are best practices for pallet management. These 5 steps or tips will help you correctly sort your pallets.

Sort Pallets by Material

Most pallets are made of wood or plastic. However, there are pallets made of cardboard, metal, and Styrofoam. First step is to sort the pallets by materials types. You will most likely have wood or plastic.

Pallets By Material Type

Sort Pallets by Type

There are over 20 pallet types but the most common are wood and plastic. Sort the wood pallets out by stringer pallets, block pallets, or pressed wood pallets.

Plastic pallets can be sorted out type such as nestable pallets, stackable pallets, or other plastic pallets. You can take an ocular estimation to determine the same type. Plastic pallets can also be sorted out by color such as blue, black, orange, or yellow.

Other types of pallets are not as common so you can just sort them by type of what they look like.

Pallets By Material Type

Sort Out CHEP pallets

CHEP Pallets are block wood pallets that are painted blue. You can't miss them. Sort out CHEP pallets from other block pallets because CHEP pallets need to be returned to CHEP. If you have extra CHEP pallets we are authorize to return those to CHEP. Contact us at (817) 946-5655

Sort Pallets by Size

Sorting pallets by size is very important. In the United States a pallet is measured in inches. A standard pallet measured L (length) times W (width) or L x W, is a 48 x 40 inch pallet. Businesses need specific sizes for their shipping needs. You should measure all pallets in inches and sort them by size. To learn more about Standard Size pallets read this article 6 Standard Pallet Sizes and Dimensions.

Sort Pallets by Size

Sort Pallets by Condition or Grade

Wood pallets should be sorted by condition known as grades. The two most common grades a A-grade pallets and B-Grade pallets. A grade pallets are better quality than B-grade pallets. Sort your wood pallets by condition after you have graded them. If you need instruction on grading pallets read this article on How To Grade Pallets.

Stacking Pallets Safely

Once you have sorted your pallets you should stack the same ones together. To learn how to stack pallets correctly read this article How To Safely Stack 10 Pallets.