How To Post Pallets for Sale: 6 Easy Steps to Follow

How To Post Pallets for Sale: 6 Easy Steps to Follow

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How To Post Pallets for Sale: 6 Easy Steps to Follow

These simple guidelines will help you sell more pallets and make more money. If you want to give away free pallets you can also follow these guidelines for better pallet management at you business.

STEP 1: Post Your Pallets For Sale or Post Free Pallets

We give you 2 options for posting pallet to Repalletize. You can post pallets for sale or post free pallets for others to get from you. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND selling the good pallets and giving away the odd sized or broken ones for free. The pallets for sale will have a green pallets pin and the free pallets will have an orange pallet pin. You can post pallets for sale and free pallets simultaneously. On the Gold and Platinum subscription plans you can have up to 3 free pallets or 9 free pallets and 3 pallets for sale or 9 pallets for sale, respectively.

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STEP 2: Sort Pallets by Size, Type, and Condition Before Posting

Common Pallet Sizes – The most common pallet size is the standard size pallet refereed to in the pallets industry as a GMA 48x40-inch pallet. The standard size pallet that most companies use is a 48-inch by 40-inch 4-way pallet. There are also several other common sizes that different industries use. Here is a list of some common size pallets.

Common Pallet Sizes for Sale

Sort Pallets for Sale by Material Type

When selling your pallets you need to determine what material type the pallets are. Pallets should be sorted by material type before being sold. The 5 standard pallet material types are cardboard pallets or corrugated pallets, plastic pallets, metal pallets, wood pallets, and pressed wood pallets. There are also hybrid types of pallets but those are rare.

Common Pallet Material Types for Sale

Sort Pallets for Sale by Style Type

If you are going to offer pallets for sale you need to sort the pallets buy style type. This refers to how the pallets are built or constructed. The most common style of pallets for sale is the stringer pallet. The second most common style of pallets for sale is the wood block pallet. The third most common type of pallets for sale is plastic pallets which can be nestable or stackable. The fourth most common style of pallets for sale is the pressed wood pallet. The fifth most common style of pallet for sale is the European pallet or EUR pallet or EURO pallet.

Common Pallet Styles for Sale

Sort Pallets for Sale by Condition

Common Pallet Condition or Pallet Grades

STEP 3: Add Beautiful Pictures of Your Pallets

Businesses and pallet buyers are looking for excellent pallets. Adding beautiful pictures of your pallets to your pallet listing will attract more buyers. Your pallet pictures will appear in the Repalletize map search and on the pallet product listing. You can add multiple pictures to show pallet buyers the quality of your pallets.

Pallets for Sale Pallet Listing Once the pallet buyers find your pallets on the map they can click on the pallet pin to take a closer look and buy your pallets. The pallet posting has a buy now button for quick and easy check out.

Pallets for Sale Pallet Listing

STEP 4: Share Your Pallet on Social Media

Social media can really drive sales of your pallets. It is easy to share your pallet posting to LinkedIn or Facebook. You can also share your pallet posting to other social media channels like Pinterest, Google, and Twitter. The more people that know that you are selling pallets the faster they will sell.

Pallets for Sale on Social Media Pallets for Sale on LinkedIn and Facebook

STEP 5: Keep Pallet Inventory Accurate

Repalletize tracks inventory when it is sold. The inventory on your pallet listing will change as pallets sell or are claimed for free. Make sure you keep up with offline fluctuations in pallet inventory. You an always change pallet inventory from the Seller Dashboard. Go to the Product tab and select the pallet product you want to change and then add or remove from the inventory count.

Pallet Inventory Management

STEP 6: Delete Pallet Products No Longer Available

If someone that is not a Repalletize User takes or removes your pallets, please delete your posting so others do not try and purchase or claim the pallets. Keeping your pallet posting up to date will make Repalletize the best place to buy and sell pallets.

Pallet Inventory Management


Click on the image below to down load a pdf version of this guideline on posting pallets for sale.

 Guidelines: How to Post Pallets for Sale