99 Pallet Furniture and Pallet Project Ideas

99 Pallet Furniture and Pallet Project Ideas

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99 Pallet Furniture and Pallet Project Ideas

1. Pallet décor

DIY pallet projects are easy to get started with if you pallet project plans. Pallet wall décor are simple wood working projects to get started on. These require simple skills and almost anyone can make wall pallet décor made from pallets. Some even consider this kind of décor pallet wall art.

Pallet Decor

2. Pallet Wall

Pallet walls are very popular for DIY pallet projects. Pallet wood is used to build the wall. Wood pallet walls are put together by lining up boards together. Building a pallet wall is a more advanced pallet project for beginner wood crafters. You Pallet wall ideas that include painting the pallets, staining the pallet wood or cutting the pallet boards into shapes. There are many websites that tell you How to make a pallet wall. A Pallet board wall looks good in offices, bedrooms, living rooms and other modern spaces. You can also consider a pallet accent wall in your home or office.

Pallet Wall

3. Pallet Chair

Pallet wood chair have many different designs. Popular designs are pallet lounge chairs. These are typically placed outside on pallet decks or pallet patios. There are many Pallet chair plans that you can find online. Chairs made out of pallets are typically very study and very unique. Pallet Adirondack Chair is one of the most popular pallet chairs. You see these chairs up and down the east and west coast. Pallet Adirondack Chairs are very popular around beach areas. Pallet chair instructions are a medium level of difficulty to build. Pallet Adirondack Chair plans would be even more difficult than a regular pallet chair. DIY pallet chairs are fun to have around for pallet décor and also give some functionality.

Pallet Chair

4. Pallet Flag

Around July 4th and other national holidays you see lots of American flag pallet art. Wood pallet flags are easy to make because they typically just involve painting the pallet boards the color of the flag. Pallet flags for sale are popular on websites like Etsy and eBay. American flag wood pallet projects are fun to make for any level of wood crafting. Most patriotic people like to display the American flag. What better way to show your support for America than by having a American pallet flag.

Pallet Flag

5. Pallet Art

Nearly every woodworking crafter can design pallet wall art. Pallet art projects can be any level of difficulty from beginner to expert. Diy pallet art is really up to the crafter. Pallet art ideas can come from the Internet, your own creation, or from a design company. Pallet art for sale can be expensive to buy because it is bulky to ship.

Pallet Art

6. Pallet Baby Gate

Stairs can be a hazard for babies that are new to walking. Making a pallet baby gate for your stairs can help prevent falls.

7. Pallet baby furniture

Babies like to crawl on things so building pallet baby furniture may be the way to go. Its cheap and easy to make.

8. Pallet baby bed.

Some crafters like to make pallet baby beds. This is a cheap way to make a baby bed.

9. Pallet Backsplash

A pallet wood backsplash looks great in any kitchen or bathroom. A pallet backsplash is also easy to make.

10. Pallet Bar

A bar made out of pallets is on of the most popular items to make from pallet wood. Pallet bar plans are widely available on the internet. Some wood working plans are free and some cost money. Wood pallet bars are always a conversation piece at a party. Outdoor pallet bars are great because they are made from wood and are weather resistant. DIY pallet bars come in many shapes and sizes. A bar made of pallets will be a good addition to your home. Next time you are thinking about DIY pallet projects try to build a bar out of pallets.

Pallet Bar

11. Pallet Bar Stools

Pallet bar stools look great at any counter. Bar stools made of pallets are a good addition to any home area, restaurant, or office. How to make a pallet bar stool can not be that hard. You just need to make the legs and seat.

12. Pallet Barn

Pallet barns are great to story hay in during the winter. Pallet bar plans are easy to come by but hard to make.

13. Pallet barn door

Pallet barn doors are very popular in the home remodeling industry. Pallet barn doors can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, at the office and other spaces.

14. Pallet bathroom shelf

If you like the rustic look a pallet bathroom shelf may be a good pallet project for you to start on. The plan is simple and can be a lot of fun.

15. Pallet bathroom vanity

A pallet bathroom vanity would be a rather large pallet project to undertake. If you have pallet project plans and the tools and materials needed it can be a lot of fun and also give new life to that boring bathroom.

16. Pallet bed

Pallet beds are one of the most popular items that DIY people ask for. Diy pallet beds are a more difficult project and require a lot of pallets. The pallet bed frame is the first part that you will want to work on. Pallet beds can be built very quickly if you have the standard pallet size. If you need plans on how to make a pallet bed you can find some at local wood working shops. Wood pallet bed frames are made from whole standard size pallets. Queen pallet beds also are made from pallets but might need to be cut with a saw. Pallet bed frame instructions are available at the local wood working shops. Pallet day beds are another version of the pallet bed you may want to build. A pallet bed with lights can give your room a new look in the dark. Pallet bed ideas are not hard to come by with lots of examples on Etsy. Full size pallet beds take less pallets to make but require the same amount of skills to build. DIY pallet bed frames are great for college students looking for cool and cheap pallet furniture. Bed frames made from pallets have been spotted across college campuses.

17. Pallet bench

A bench out of pallets is not hard to make for a DIY pallet crafter. Pallet bench plans are fairly easy because you just need legs and the seat. A few websites tell you how to make a bench out of pallets but the best place to learn is at the local woodworking shop. Pallet bench instructions are usually fairly detailed so you know what to do without making a mistake.

18. Pallet bike rack

A pallet bike rack is a good ecological alternative to the plastic bike racks in stores. Bike rack made from pallets can be used inside a garage or inside your room. Wood pallet bike racks give a custom look to your gear.

19. Pallet bins

You can make several types of pallet bins. Pallet bins can be used for storage, trash, recycling materials, or just for home décor.

20. Pallet bookcase

A pallet bookcase is a popular starting craft for new woodworkers. A bookcase made of pallets is sturdy and cheaper than options in the store.

21. Pallet bookshelf

A DIY pallet bookshelf is good for storing a few of your favorite books. A pallet bookshelf will be a great conversation piece at your next party. Pallet bookshelf plans are easy to follow and don’t require much equipment. A bookshelf made of pallets is a great starter project.

Pallet Shelf

22. Pallet box

Pallet boxes are just cool. It doesn’t need much function to look great. If you were to make a pallet cooler box to store cold beverages in during the summer you will be hosting the best parties.

Pallet Box

23. Pallet box springs

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to buying box springs at a mattress store a pallet box springs may be a good item to make.

24. Pallet planter boxes

Planter pallet boxes are very popular in urban settings. Plans on how to make a planter box from a pallet are sold at local wood working shops. You can grow just about anything in a pallet planter box. Pallet planter boxes are great to grow fruits and vegetables outside.

Pallet Planter

25. Pallet sandbox

There is no need to buy a sandbox when you can use pallets. A pallet sandbox is a great idea because the pallet wood is weather resistant.

26. Pallet cabin

We know a lot of people like camping but a pallet cabin would be great to stay in. Building a cabin out of pallets will take an expert wood worker. A cabin made of pallets will take a long time to make. You must follow a specific set of instruction on how to build a cabin out of pallets to make it safe.

Pallet Projects

27. Pallet cabinet

If you are looking for a modern and rustic look then pallet wood cabinets should be your pallet project. Cabinets made from pallets are not easy and take a lot of time. Cabinets made from pallet wood can look very nice if the woodworker is skilled. You can find plans on how to build a cabinet out of pallets at your local woodworking shop.

28. Pallet cage

Pallet cages can be used for many things. If your pallet cages are nice they could hold animals.

29. Pallet chicken coop

We prefer free-range chickens but chickens still need coops. Wood pallet chicken coops are a great way to save money and the environment. Pallet chicken coops do not need to be built from new wood. If you need pallet plans on how to build a chicken coop out of pallets contact us and we can help.

30. Pallet Christmas tree

Christmas trees made from pallets are a good decoration for the holidays. Wood pallet Christmas trees are sold on a number of websites and are also in some craft stores. To make a pallet wood Christmas tree requires a little time an effort. Plans on how to make a Christmas pallet tree are quite simple.

31. Christmas Pallet Signs

Christmas pallet signs are fun to make with the family. Pallet ideas at Christmas can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of Christmas sayings that can look good stenciled on a pallet.

32. Pallet Christmas decorations.

Christmas pallet decorations could include a nativity, elfs, or other seasonal items.

33. Pallet coasters

Using pallet wood to make pallet coasters is a fun idea.

34. Pallet coffee table

DIY pallet coffee table are popping up all over pinterest. Wood pallet coffee table look great in a modern style setting. Pallet coffee table plans are not hard to follow if you have the right tools. Plans on how to make a pallet coffee table can be found at your local woodworking shop.

Pallet Coffee Table

35. Pallet compost bin

Pallet compost bins are great because the wood is cheap if you can find free pallets.

36. Pallet desk

A lot of the tech industry in Silicon Valley likes to use computer desks made from pallets. Pallet desks can make your office stand out at work.

Pallet Desk

37. Pallet couch

A pallet couch is great for a conversation piece. When hosting a party a pallet couch will get lots of attention.

Pallet Couch

38. Pallet countertop

Countertops made from pallet wood are easy to make and don’t require many tools. Find the right type of pallets and you can have a pallet countertop in no time at all.

39. Pallet crafts

Pallet crafts are fund to make in groups. Invite all your friends over and see what kind of pallet crafts you can make.

Pallet Craft Ideas

40. Pallet dance floor

Making a pallet dance floor is a good pallet idea. Dance floors are made from wood and pallet wood is cheap and looks good so go ahead and use it.

41. Pallet deck

Pallet decks are very popular in the backyard. Pallet pool decks are also popular for pool owners. Pallet plans for how to build a deck out of pallets can be found at your local wood working shop. Decks made from pallets are cheaper than buying new wood. Make sure you know how to identify pallets before you pick them up. Pallet deck construction tips are something you should check out online. Pallet patio decks are great to relax on during the summer.

Pallet Deck

42. Pallet dining table

A dining table made from pallets is a great piece of pallet furniture. You can buy pallet dining tables from local woodworkers if you do not have the tools to build one.

43. Pallet dog bed

It doesn’t matter if you keep your dog inside or outside a pallet dog bed will keep your animal comfortable.

44. Pallet dog house

A pallet dog house looks cool and if you get the blue CHEP pallets the dog house will be a good size and color.

45. Pallet dresser

Pallet dresser plans are for expert wood workers. If you do not know how to make a pallet dresser buy one.

46. Pallet end table

A pallet end table is a good accent for any room. Place a lamp on your pallet end table and it will look beautiful.

47. Pallet fence

Fences are expensive but a pallet fence can be built for the price of a few pallets.

Pallet Fence

48. Pallet fire pit

A pallet fire pit is a great addition to any backyard. Get your summer BBQ going with a great pallet fire pit.

49. Pallet firewood rack

Keeping firewood off the ground is important. Building a pallet firewood rack is a simple solution to keep your wood dry.

50. Pallet floating shelves

Pallet floating shelves are a beginner woodworking project. You should be able to make a few pallet floating shelves from 1 pallet.

51. Pallet flooring

Pallet flooring can be made from whole pallets or from the pallet wood. Make sure you get some A-grade pallets to make pallet flooring.

52. Pallet furniture

Pallet furniture covers a wide range of items on this list. Pallet furniture can be both functional and for design and décor purpose.

Pallet Furniture

53. Pallet futon

College kids love futons and a pallet futon give this piece of pallet furniture a little character.

54. Pallet garden

A pallet garden can easily made by covering a pallet with dirt and planting some items to grow.

Painting Garden

55. Pallet garden box

A pallet garden box takes a little more work to build but is a great item to make.

56. Pallet greenhouse

Take your gardening to the next level by building a pallet greenhouse. A pallet greenhouse will be a fun activity for families to help with.

Pallet Shelves at Pallet Garden

57. Pallet grill

Lining you grill with pallets will give it rustic feel. Get some pallets and make a pallet grill for your next BBQ.

58. Pallet headboard

Pallet headboards have become so popular they are being sold in stores. Save a few bucks and build one your self. It’s not that hard to find free pallets.

59. Pallet herb garden

Just a few pallet boards nailed together and you have a pallet herb garden. Get creative and make one.

60. Pallet house

Some architects have made it their mission to make mini houses. Some have used pallets to make homes. Pallet houses are good small houses but are not very livable.

61. Pallet ice chest

Bring your pallet ice chest to the next party or campout and see how many high fives you get.

62. Pallet kitchen island

Some of the most popular home décor designers are incorporating pallet wood into kitchen islands. Give this a shot if you want to catch the trend.

63. Pallet kitchen table

If you have a pallet kitchen island you might as well go the extra mile and get a pallet kitchen table.

64. Pallet light fixture

Having stunning light fixtures can really bring life to any indoor space. Creating a pallet light fixture gives both a modern and rustic feel.

65. Pallet wine rack

If you drink wine think about having a pallet wine rack. Just don’t drink and repalletize.

66. Pallet lounge chair

Who wouldn’t want to kick back and relax in a pallet lounge chair? These chairs are great for relaxing in.

67. Pallet night stand

Getting tired of the bedroom nightstand. Try building a pallet night stand from reclaimed pallet wood.

68. Pallet ottoman

Every good living space needs a pallet ottoman. Don’t worry about kicking you feet up on a pallet ottoman because its been recycled.

69. Pallet outdoor furniture

Outdoor pallet furniture is a great addition to your pallet deck.

70. Pallet painting

Try your art skills with pallet painting. Make a masterpiece from painting pallets.

Painting Pallets

71. Pallet patio furniture

Every patio should have pallet patio furniture.

Pallet Patio Furniture

72. Pallet picket fence

Make your yard cozy with a pallet picket fence.

73. Pallet picnic table

Nothing makes for a better picnic then having a pallet picnic table.

74. Pallet picture holder

Every picture needs a pallet picture holder.

75. Pallet planter

Pallet planters go great in windows. Add a few succulents to your pallet planter and you will have a nice garden.

76. Pallet playhouse

Most children love playhouses. You don’t need anything fancy just build a pallet playhouse.

77. Pallet porch

A pallet porch if done right can add value to your home.

78. Pallet room divider

Dividing a room is easy to do with a pallet room divider.

Pallet Plans

79. Pallet sectional sofa

Making a pallet sectional sofa will take a lot of pallets. Make sure you get the right sized pallets.

80. Pallet shoe rack

Having a pallet shoe rack in your home entryway will help keep your floors clean. People can take off their shoes and place then in the pallet shoe rack.

81. Pallet Shoe Bench

A pallet shoe bench is very convenient when taking off your shoes. You can neatly place the shoes under the bench while sitting down.

82. Pallet siding

Jump on this trend while its still hot. Pallet siding looks great on buildings and homes.

83. Pallet signs

Pallet signs are a great way to decorate. Just add your favorite saying to pallet wood and you will have some great décor.

Pallet Signs

84. Pallet snowman

Everyone loves seeing a snowman at winter. Just make sure your snowman is made of pallets.

85. Pallet spice rack

A great addition to any kitchen is a pallet spic rack.

86. Pallet star

A pallet star decoration can never go wrong. Try building a pallet star.

87. Pallet strawberry planter

Who doesn’t love strawberries? Pallet strawberry planters are the perfect size and shape for rows of delicious strawberries.

88. Pallet swing

Swinging is not just for kids adults like to swing to. A pallet swing only takes a few boards and a rope. Choose your tree carefully.

Pallet Swing

89. Pallet table

Any type of table is a great ide for a pallet project. Get creative with your table ideas.

Pallet Table

90. Pallet table top

Maybe you want to recondition a table for a wedding but don’t want to pay a lot of money. Well a pallet table top can be built on top of an existing table.

91. Pallet towel rack

Try building a pallet towel rack out by the swimming pool.

92. Pallet toy box

If you are tired of picking up toys in the backyard, build a pallet toy box.

93. Pallet tray

Next time you want to serve some guests try using a pallet tray.

Pallet Tray

94. Pallet tree house

If you can haul a pallet up a tree then a pallet tree house is the way to go.

95. Pallet TV stand

Pallets are sturdy so making a pallet TV stand seems obvious.

96. Pallet wall clock

How would you like to tell time from a pallet wall clock? Not a very difficult pallet project at all.

97. Pallet wedding signs

Don’t be a bridezilla, use pallet wedding signs to keep your guests talking about your décor skills.

98. Pallet welcome sign

You are always welcome at my house because we have a pallet welcome sign.

99. Pallet Birdhouse

Try making a pallet birdhouse from a pallet.

Pallet Birdhouse