DIY Wood Pallet Furniture

DIY Wood Pallet Furniture

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Decorative Pallet Furniture

It only takes a few pallets to make some decorative pallet furniture. You can use pallet furniture in your home or business. To find pallets just search the blue pallet pins on the map. Here you will find many types of pallets for all your projects.

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Popular Pallet Types

Decorative DIY Wood Pallet Chairs

Wood pallet chairs are the simplest to make. First of all you only need 1 or maybe two pallets. The most common size of pallet to make a pallet chair is a standard GMA 48x40 wood pallet. However if the pallet is painted blue it is most likely a CHEP PALLET and must be returned to CHEP. Using CHEP pallets in your pallet projects is likely considered theft since the CHEP pallet has a stamp that says “Property of CHEP: Call to Return”. Regular wood pallets are fine to use to make chairs.

Wood Pallet Chair Parts

There are several parts to a chair you will need to make out of pallets. The first is the seat. You can make this by using the deck boards on a pallet. Next you will need to make the back of the chair which can also be made from the deck boards. Next you will need to make the legs. The legs of a pallet chair can be made from the side boards or commonly referred to by pallet industry insiders as stringers. If the pallets have blocks on the corners you will need to find different pallets to use.

Wood Pallet Chair Supplies and Tools

To get started with pallet recycling you will need some tools and supplies. To make your DIY pallet project easy start by purchasing a saw, hammer, drill or screwdriver, sandpaper, nails, and some paint.

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