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Selecting Pallets

Selecting Pallets

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Pallets are very useful tool. Many businesses rely on Welland pallets to move their merchandise. It allows for a large quantity of goods to be taken from one place to another instead of taking a single box at a time. It also saves space because Welland pallets can be stacked. A small warehouse can house more goods due to the easy of stacking and removal of pallets. Yet, not many people know that pallets come in several shapes, sizes and materials. The most common type of pallet is wooden, yet there are pallets made of plastic, metal and paper too. The most common and standard pallet dimensions are a 48" x 40" wood pallet.

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Popular Pallet Types

There are some benefits from using wooden pallets verses the other types of pallets, but there are also some disadvantages as well. Wooden pallets have some restrictions when they are shipped around the world. Laws require that Welland pallets must be free of invasive insects or other plant diseases to that may harm another countries environment. To have the pallets ready to ship internationally, there are several choices of treating the wood, with heat or chemicals. Although plywood pallets, corrugated fiber wood, and orient strand boards do not need to be treated. Yet when a wooden pallet breaks it is easier to recycle than the other types. If you need to repair pallets you should have a pallet recycling guide.

Metal pallets are usually made out of steel, but they can also be made from aluminum. Welland pallets made of steel are mostly used in carrying heavier loads, for example munitions. The benefits of using steel is that the pallets last longer, are stronger, can be stored for longer and stacked higher than the regular wooden pallets. Yet, the drawbacks of steel pallets is they also weigh more which makes transporting merchandise costly. Aluminum Welland pallets are lighter weight and better for flying goods as well. Another benefit is that they are weather resistance and stronger that paper, wood or plastic pallets. On the other hand, its stacking height is very limited.

Plastic pallets are durable lasting at least several hundred trips and make regulations for international shipping much easier on a company. Due to the nature of plastic, it is much more convenient to sanitize the plastic than it is for metal, paper or even wooden pallets. Drawbacks of having plastic Welland pallets is that they are hard and very costly to repair, and can break from what is called creep, after being stored for too long with a heavy load. Yet, plastic is good for the environment because it made from recycled bottles and cannot carry plant disease to other countries.

It seems quite impossible that Welland pallets can be made out of paper, but in fact they are used by many businesses as well. Most paper pallets are used for carrying smaller and lighter loads. Most of the time these pallets make their way back to the recycling center after a couple of uses. Advances in science and engineering also provide paper pallets that are engineered to be as strong as wooden pallets. These modified paper pallets can be just as useful as wood but much easier to recycle. Although these pallets are good for the environment, they are not good for international shipping whether it be the required standard laws or transportation of the merchandise safely.

Welland pallets can be made of several different types of materials. Each one can be specifically helpful for a certain business or disastrous for another. Pick and choose the pallets for your company carefully. Weigh in all the benefits and disadvantages before you purchase just any type of pallet of pallet. And before you throw away any pallets, remember to recycle instead.