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How to Recycle Used Pallets

How to Recycle Used Pallets

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How to Recycle Used Pallets in St. Petersburg

Step 1 - Count, sort, and stack pallets by size, type, and condition. Take pictures.

Step 2 - Post your pallets to the Map including details and pictures. Your information is kept confidential.

Step 3 - Receive an email from us with a list of companies that would reuse or recycle your pallets. Choose the company or recycler of your choice.

How to find pallets to buy

Step 1 - Enter details about the type and quantity of pallets you need.

Step 2 - Post your request to the map to receive quotes from pallet suppliers or get quotes from Repalletize's customer service team. Either way your information is kept confidential.

Step 3 - Choose the pallet supplier of your choice.

Pallets are an essential in any business or company that deals in transporting goods. Of course when you have used pallets leftover, what do you do with them? There are many options to dispose of St. Petersburg used pallets. Don't just let them rot in a field, or in the yard of your business, instead there are other monetary advantages to putting those old pallets to use. And none of these ideas include sending the used pallets to the dump. So what can you do with those old pallets? Well start thinking outside of the box. Try stacking pallets up and selling them.

Whether you are going out of business, retiring and closing your company, or just want to get rid some broken or used pallets, try to make a bit of money out of them. Although you may not think of pallets as an asset to your company, they truly can be worth some money. Remember as a business when it comes to shipping merchandise and other goods that means you need pallets. Why not try to sell your used pallets? It will provide you with a small extra amount of revenues that you did plan on and then you won't be stuck with mountains of St. Petersburg used pallets.

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Popular Pallet Types

Broken Pallets Need Recycling

Broken used pallets can still be sold, depending on the pallet. Wood pallets are inexpensive to repair and therefore marketable despite being used. Wood pallets come in many size and dimensions. Other used pallets made of plastic or steel can be more costly to repair and hard to resell. If you think that the St. Petersburg used pallets are not something large companies or other businesses are willing to purchase, then try other selling avenues. Try listing on craigslist to see if small businesses or average people are interested in purchasing used pallets. The reasons of why anyone would want to buy used pallets are many. So don't rule out selling them just because you don't want the pallets anymore.

A great option to get rid of used pallets is to recycle them. Taking your used pallets to a recycling center that accepts them can provide you with some great benefits. First of all, you can probably write it off for taxes. The government tries to promote recycling and therefore recycling St. Petersburg used pallets will benefit your company. Recycling used pallets gets the pile out of your warehouse making more room for newer and repaired pallets filled with merchandise. Another thing recycling is great for the environment and provides positive press for your business, being know as a green company.

Consider keeping the pallets for yourself. There are many things you can turn used pallets into that will be of help around your home, garage and even tool shop. Upcycling is spreading like wild fire and St. Petersburg used pallets are just one of the items that can be changed into something new. People have painted used pallets and put them in their garage to store several bikes at once that won't fall down. Pallets can be transformed into garden boxes, wine holders, book shelves, furniture and many other ingenuous items around the house. All it takes is a bit of creativity, paint and tools.

Do Not Send Pallets to a Landfill

Used pallets should not be destined for the dump. Neither should they be left in a field to rot, or forgotten about in some dark corner of a warehouse. St. Petersburg used pallets should always be recycled, reused or up for resale. Take your responsibility seriously and try to do your best to keep the earth clean. That means recycling when you can and especially trying to find a good way to pass on old used pallets. Or maybe come up with your own creative way to recycle used pallets.